bring you the:

Elite VIP Member Program


  • We will lay a firm, solid, concrete foundation from your top 10% of participating members.
  • Getting them excited to be the founding foundation will be key.
  • Now that we are on solid ground, we know the foundation can support the frame of our estate.


  • We now will build a dynamic networking machine out of existing members and cultivating new interest from outside that will, not only build this group, but drive new memberships to your chamber.
  • Create an entirely new revenue stream for your chamber with a robust monthly recurring revenue.


Your new and vibrant networking machine will learn:

  • Your service or product is not what people buy!
  • How to create a “feeding frenzy” for their services and for inclusion in the chamber!
  • How to grow their business without selling, but rather serving!
  • Embracing the “people, the process, and the product”!


We are available for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual group development sessions to ensure that the “weeds are pulled” and we keep our feet moving forward!

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